Friday, July 6, 2007

Korea, Korea, Korea!

So I've somehow sucked myself back into the whole Korean obsession thing again. So I've hunted down a few Korean bands. And several korean videos...And I'm trying to teach myself to speak Korean again...And once again I'm proving how much I suck at this whole second language business. But whatever. Here's my report of the weeks events.


Band: Witches
Best Song: There She Is
Why: It's kind of old school Korean music mixed with modern alternative. I luff it.
Worst Song: Go Beach
Why: The beginning is odd, and the sound is just....Not my style.
Other Comments: I've only just ordered their 2nd album, and I can't find their first one ANYWHERE (if you have one you'd like to sell, you'd be my eternal best buddy...). Oh, check out Chocolate. I really like that one as well.

Band: Code Y
Best Song: Island
Why: The guitar in this is perfect. It's very deliberate, and is reminiscent of good metal music. I guess.
Worst Song: Motel Blue Moon
Why: The music is great, but the vocals ruin it, if you ask me.
Other Comments: This band has talent...But slow doesn't really work for them. It feels like it's dragging them down...


There She Is - Witches

Loveitloveitloveit. Watch for the puppy at 3:05. Oh, and a guy in emo glasses, a scarf, and a polka dot shirt. I'm one happy camper.

Cute McDonalds Commercial

Aww. What a cute little kid. Not to mention they say McDonalds funny.

Banana Milk Commercial

That little girl is seriously freaky. But the commercial is funny. Yayy for monkeys.

Colbert Report & Rain

So technically it's an American video...But c'mon! It's Stephen Colbert in giant sunglasses talking about Hyundais!!! And him throwing the TIME magazine? Girliest throw ever.


Kevin said...

Hey hey,

It's Kevin from the Pelican's Perch. Thanks for the comment on the blog and I'm glad you enjoy Bear Hands as well. You've got a fun little blog here yourself. Keep it up and make sure to keep in touch. Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

Tashika-chan here,

good luck with learning how to speak korean again!
those videos are interesting by the way. :3