Monday, July 30, 2007
I looked up some good stuff from this site. I now know exactly how to give emo guys presents, how to be both emo and goth (gothmo) at the same time, how to let out my anger on a paper, how to make a lion dance for Chinese couples, and how to get rid of tapeworms. This really rocks. I want to find a site on how to give a present to a dancing lion who's angry because he's goth and has tapeworms.

Does this make me an addict?

67%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?
Heh. Well...It's not so bad. And considering my posts aren't a daily thing, I think that would make this a healthy relationship. Much better than my last one. My readers were just so darn clingy.

US is only ranked 15th?! What?! Oh well...I've had it set to auto-click for the past 5 minutes, and I'm not stopping it 'till I go to bed tonight. USA! USA!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Worst Skye Cover...Ever.

My eyes and ears are bleeding. And that's all I have to say. I think it speaks for itself.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Hey dudes and dudettes, this is Forty_Feet_Under again! We've got another writer joining our ranks...So everyone welcome Scon! *claps*

hoW to Be A 1337 cHaa77oRs explained by Scon.

There are no rules. If you are unsure how to sound elite when typing because you're a noob, just do something weird like these examples or combinations of a few.

1. Capitalize at random. A little time consuming but it works like a charm. Example: duDe, i'M a ChATTer beCAUse I cApItaLize rANdoMlY, nOOb.

2.Replace certain letters. Example: If you can get used to it, then you're a pro. Example: 1 bet 1m l1ke t0tally $crew1ing y0u up.

3. Write backwards. Very hard yet very impressive. Example: Em understand even you can?
Spell horrible. The best way to look like you have been typing on MMORPGs for a long time. Example: imma so kewl bcaze i typ bady so im must b a awsum person

4. Refuse the act of spaces. It confuses people but it will earn you a lot of "leet" respect. Exaple: IneverpassedfirstgradebecauseIc

5. Abbreviate everything. Example: i pwn b/c i don't spell + BTW i even do this in rl.LOL

6. Block out half the things you are saying. Most chat rooms block profanity so if you use * or - it will look as though you're a cool cussing maniac. Example: u---- ---- ill ------ the----!!! ------!

7. If you are completely unsure how to speak 1337 or English, try typing at random. It looks the same.
Example: ksahf293yrdsnvvfzp9127tdv8sg50df9nhgj4e!>?2ws98vlk981@#?erhy$!@hfgj^fhygeryt#$khriu9!!!!!!!

(Translation: I speak 1337 so well that I can do that.)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bring It Back, Now!

Oh. My. God. Skye has put Bring it Back on her myspace. That's right. The album version. I think I'm having a panic attack...Or something like that. Either way, my head is spinning in amazement. This song is pretty different from what we're used to from Skye, but I like it regardless. Between that classic (and catchy) drumbeat, and Skye's hypnotic vocals, it's one song that's above and beyond the mainstream. Which I like.

(Right-click and select Save Target As)
Bring it Back - Skye Sweetnam

Thursday, July 19, 2007

All the nerds in da house say LOL

Hallo all! This is Forty_Feet_Under introducing you to our newest hostage/writer, FullPlastic Alchemist! Yayyyy!

Hey random internet pplz, I'm a new person! YAY!

Eheheh...I ran out of things to say already. There should totally be a villains' rights movement or something! So...... How's the weather?

Ever wondered what would happen if you talked on your phone during a concert?

That would teach him to silence your cell phone...and don't make any calls either.

Have I mentioned that Fullmetal alchemist is a totally cool anime? Now I really have no more things to say. I shall search the internet for inspration!
Until next time!

Geeks, Nerds, and Freaks...Oh my!

I'm sick and tired of people confusing them. So read this and feel enlightened.

Dork: Anyone who is socially inept. Anyone who is unsure how to carry themselves in public. Dork are most often shy and/or wallflowers.

Nerd: Anyone who is passionate about learning/academics. Anyone who is constantly seeking to further their education, even outside of school. Grammar Nazis and history buffs can both be considered nerds. Nerds are often dorks, but not always.

Geek: Anyone who is extrememly passionate about anything other than learning/academics. Again, geeks are usually dorks, but there are exceptions. Geek obsessions can range from band, to Star Trek, to anime. Yes, anime, even if they do refer to themselves as "freaks."

Freak: Anyone who is seen as strange and/or unusual. Anyone who fits outside of the norm. Punks, goths, and emos are often categorized as "freaks," along with nerds and geeks.

Now that we have that out of our systems...Random time!

The Official Ramen Homepage
A whole website dedicated to ramen. That. Is. Amazing.

Elevator Music

Hahahaha. I love it. That's my kind of productivity.

VaDrum Meets William Tell

This guy is amazing. The two bass drums? Crazy, crazy stuff.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good Lord....

So we all know Harrison Ford and Shia LeBeouf are starring in the fourth Indiana Jones, right? Well, apparently this won't be the last in the series. Shia LeBeouf has signed a four film deal as Indy's son. So you figure Ford'll be done with series? I think not. He's sign a three picture deal. Crazy, crazy stuff.
((Read the rest here.))

EDIT: Er...It's seems as though it's already being denied. But then again....Lots of things have been that turned out to be true...So you never know.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Strangest idea ever. But it'd be a great prank type thing. Pull a pack of these outta your back pocket, drop one into some hot water, let it steep, and sip away. It's a brilliant April Fools Day prank...Unless you're not old enough to legally smoke...Then you'd have quite a bit of explaining to do.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sound Soldier T-Shirt!

So if this post seems familiar, this shirt'll make sense. I actually made this several weeks ago...And I haven't even worn it yet. I've been waiting for the tea to set in (I used extra-strength, double-steeped tea for the brown-red). It turned out fairly well, I think.

((Remember! I'm looking for another writer! Leave a comment or send me an IM/email if you're interested!))

Sugar Guitar - Skye Sweetnam
Imaginary Superstar - Skye Sweetnam

Saturday, July 14, 2007


So we went to see DCI Top 8 up in Tennessee last night. The shows were amazing, as expected...But the Cadets got ripped off. Here are the scores from last night.

How the placings should have been.

8. Dark Knights - Okay, they were one of my favorite shows of the night, but their performance simply wasn't as good as the others. So even though I think their show was entertaining, they definately have work to do in the technical aspects.

7. Carolina Crown - These guys have a great hornline. Period. But to be honest, their percussion stinks. That's really something they need to work on, 'cause if they had better percussion, they'd probably be top 3.

6. Santa Clara Vanguard - Andrew and I hadn't considered this placing (because they had previously been placing better than the Bluecoats), but after they announced it, we couldn't say we completely disagreed. Although there is a definate reason why their scores are so close. The two were both great.

5. Bluecoats - Okay, another I'm agreeing with. The Bluecoats had a fantastic show. Their theme ("Criminal") was very creative, and all parts of their show fit very well. The colour guard actually came out in orange jumpsuits and handcuffs, and he Bluecoats uniforms are naturally very cop-ish, so it was cool.

4. Blue Devils - That's right. They did not deserve to be first. I could settle for them being third, maybe, but not first. Everyone around us booed when they announced BD first (Okay...Maybe just me). Their show was neither memorable, nor classic Blue Devils. It was all kind of a strange blur.

3. Phantom Regiment - As much as I adore Phantom, I have to say they deserved third. I loved their music (as usual), and I think it was all tied together fairly nicely. These guys have a bit of cleaning to do, not to mention Andrew and I both said we didn't think the show in general was "first place material."

2. The Cavaliers - I admit. I was pretty sure I wasn't going to like their show, but I was proved wrong. So although this definately wasn't their best show, it definately wasn't their worst. The music was good for the most part, but some places didn't sound like music that belonged on a field. And I disliked their colour guard uniforms, even if they did match the show theme well.

1. The Cadets - That's right. We were pretty skeptical going in, especially since we had heard there would be narration, but it was phenomenal. We had all kind of expected something similar to the past two years show, but this was totally different. The drill was probably more difficult than the Cavvies drill, and the narration balanced - even completed - the music, as opposed to overpowered it. Plus the narration spoke to the band geek in all of us. It was more than a jock or a cheerleader could understand. We all had our jaws hanging open when it was through.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

50th post!

So...Uh...Happy 50th post to me?
And I am announcing that I am searching for a witty co-writer to help me update this blog more frequently...So drop me a line if you're interested!

Anyways. It also happens that this post falls on 7/11. It's like...A national gas station holiday, or something. In fact, 7-11 is Actually giving out free slushies today. Too bad I'm not even sure where the nearest 7-11 is.

In other, slightly older 7-11 news, several of them have been converted into Kwik-E-Marts in order to promote the new Simpsons movie (Out on the 27th).

Irritating Game
Haha. That's the name. No joke. It's crazy hard, but so addicting. And for any of you incompetant fools like me, there's a flag in the bottom left corner that translates it into English. So you don't have to run all of the results through google translate like I did...

Empire - Kasabian
We've Got Everything - Modest Mouse
Goodnight Blue Eyes - A Cadence of Sorts

Friday, July 6, 2007

Korea, Korea, Korea!

So I've somehow sucked myself back into the whole Korean obsession thing again. So I've hunted down a few Korean bands. And several korean videos...And I'm trying to teach myself to speak Korean again...And once again I'm proving how much I suck at this whole second language business. But whatever. Here's my report of the weeks events.


Band: Witches
Best Song: There She Is
Why: It's kind of old school Korean music mixed with modern alternative. I luff it.
Worst Song: Go Beach
Why: The beginning is odd, and the sound is just....Not my style.
Other Comments: I've only just ordered their 2nd album, and I can't find their first one ANYWHERE (if you have one you'd like to sell, you'd be my eternal best buddy...). Oh, check out Chocolate. I really like that one as well.

Band: Code Y
Best Song: Island
Why: The guitar in this is perfect. It's very deliberate, and is reminiscent of good metal music. I guess.
Worst Song: Motel Blue Moon
Why: The music is great, but the vocals ruin it, if you ask me.
Other Comments: This band has talent...But slow doesn't really work for them. It feels like it's dragging them down...


There She Is - Witches

Loveitloveitloveit. Watch for the puppy at 3:05. Oh, and a guy in emo glasses, a scarf, and a polka dot shirt. I'm one happy camper.

Cute McDonalds Commercial

Aww. What a cute little kid. Not to mention they say McDonalds funny.

Banana Milk Commercial

That little girl is seriously freaky. But the commercial is funny. Yayy for monkeys.

Colbert Report & Rain

So technically it's an American video...But c'mon! It's Stephen Colbert in giant sunglasses talking about Hyundais!!! And him throwing the TIME magazine? Girliest throw ever.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Blue Screen of Death

Heheh. So, my dad is a mild-mannered computer geek, right? 'Cause y'know, he works for a computer company and whatnot. Well anyways, I downloaded this Blue Screen of Death screensaver, and set it as mine, and when my dad saw it, he freaked. "Ahhh! Blue screen of death!!! What did you do to your computerrr!" And my response? I went over and pressed a key, and bam. It went away. "Nooo. It's a screensaver I downloaded. Shweet, eh?" and then he stared at me like he always does. Heheh...

Speaking of my father giving me weird looks, I finally went out and got some new CDs. I got Queens of the Stone Age's "Era Vulgaris" and Modest Mouse's "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank". What does this have to do with my father? He hates my music, that's what. Didn't help that the first song he heard offa either album was "March Into Sea" by MM...Psychotic laughter is not a good way to impress an already skeptical father....But I did like both albums....I even got Sick, Sick, Sick as my ringtone. Heheh. That'll be fun to explain on the phone bill...

Anyways. Click-eds the link for the Blue Screen -O- Death Screensaver. Click me!