Monday, July 23, 2007


Hey dudes and dudettes, this is Forty_Feet_Under again! We've got another writer joining our ranks...So everyone welcome Scon! *claps*

hoW to Be A 1337 cHaa77oRs explained by Scon.

There are no rules. If you are unsure how to sound elite when typing because you're a noob, just do something weird like these examples or combinations of a few.

1. Capitalize at random. A little time consuming but it works like a charm. Example: duDe, i'M a ChATTer beCAUse I cApItaLize rANdoMlY, nOOb.

2.Replace certain letters. Example: If you can get used to it, then you're a pro. Example: 1 bet 1m l1ke t0tally $crew1ing y0u up.

3. Write backwards. Very hard yet very impressive. Example: Em understand even you can?
Spell horrible. The best way to look like you have been typing on MMORPGs for a long time. Example: imma so kewl bcaze i typ bady so im must b a awsum person

4. Refuse the act of spaces. It confuses people but it will earn you a lot of "leet" respect. Exaple: IneverpassedfirstgradebecauseIc

5. Abbreviate everything. Example: i pwn b/c i don't spell + BTW i even do this in rl.LOL

6. Block out half the things you are saying. Most chat rooms block profanity so if you use * or - it will look as though you're a cool cussing maniac. Example: u---- ---- ill ------ the----!!! ------!

7. If you are completely unsure how to speak 1337 or English, try typing at random. It looks the same.
Example: ksahf293yrdsnvvfzp9127tdv8sg50df9nhgj4e!>?2ws98vlk981@#?erhy$!@hfgj^fhygeryt#$khriu9!!!!!!!

(Translation: I speak 1337 so well that I can do that.)

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