Wednesday, July 11, 2007

50th post!

So...Uh...Happy 50th post to me?
And I am announcing that I am searching for a witty co-writer to help me update this blog more frequently...So drop me a line if you're interested!

Anyways. It also happens that this post falls on 7/11. It's like...A national gas station holiday, or something. In fact, 7-11 is Actually giving out free slushies today. Too bad I'm not even sure where the nearest 7-11 is.

In other, slightly older 7-11 news, several of them have been converted into Kwik-E-Marts in order to promote the new Simpsons movie (Out on the 27th).

Irritating Game
Haha. That's the name. No joke. It's crazy hard, but so addicting. And for any of you incompetant fools like me, there's a flag in the bottom left corner that translates it into English. So you don't have to run all of the results through google translate like I did...

Empire - Kasabian
We've Got Everything - Modest Mouse
Goodnight Blue Eyes - A Cadence of Sorts

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