Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mmmkay...For any of you Photoshoppers out there...

Worth1000.com. It's a website that holds contests and such for Photoshoppers. They have tutorials and members who are willing to mentor newbs to photoshpping, as well. And as a bonus, they have things like photography contests for those who would rather leave their art as it is. And, if you just don't want to (or have the time to) photoshop, you can simply browse their seemingly endless galleries of olds contests and photos. Some good stuff there.

Bonnaroo is slowly approaching...Tickets went on sale this past Friday (so, if you haven't already bought yours, it's too late to get a chance at the golden ticket...sorry). The festival'll be June 14-17 and is going to be the best festival yet. Some of the bands that I'm looking forward to are:

The Police
Franz Ferdinand
The White Stripes
The Decemberists

There a tonss of other awesome acts that'll be there, though...So...If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, get 'em while you can (or before they raise the price!!)!

iSketch. It's an online multiplayer game where you have to draw various things in order to try to get the other players to guess what it is. You get points for answering them correctly, and whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. Amazingly fun & addictive, but depending on when you try to log in, the servers may be too full to let anyone in.

Outsiders - Franz Ferdinand
MarchToWar - The Backup
Treason - Kutless
Anna Molly - Incubus

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Look What I've found, Chickees!

Some bands that I can almost guarantee you've never heard of...But they're good. Some of them are awfully small (I think one only has 14 or 15 myspace friends...) but they're still worth checking out. Have funn!

...Most of these are UK bands, by the way...

The Backup
Monday Club
The Crooks
Electronical Sunset
Long Grass
Factory Rich

Monday, February 12, 2007

I guess this is kind of anime-related...

Well...I suppose it's time for another anime post, isn't it?
I just have some videos that you may or may not have seen. Enjoy them in all of their random/stupid/freakish glory.

"I Wanna Be the Very Best..." - the Spoof Troupe

"Fullmetal Panda" - the Spoof Troupe

"Kill Naruto" - the Spoof Troupe

"Heart of the Cards" - the Spoof Troupe

"The Secret Life of Itachi" - the Spoof Troupe

"Village of DDR" - JAC productions

"If You Were Gay" - Eilinora

"Yami- Magical Pinata" - LittleKuriboh (Just in case you don't know, this is from the Viva Pinata commercial. It's the same voice actor that actually plays Yugi."

Saturday, February 10, 2007


My dear friend Summer is moving to a land far, far away. So...I'm dedicating this post to her. I hope you get to see this, Summer!!!

잘 지내나요 ("Take Care") - Sung Si Kyung

Goodbye - Army of Anyone

Goodbye - Army of Anyone
Goodbye - Audio Adrenaline
Come on Home - Franz Ferdinand

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Franz Ferdinand? Heck yea!

Anyone heard their newest song "Hallam Foe, Dandelion Blow"? Ah-mazing. Makes me want to go and see the movie...But because I don't live in Scotland, it might be difficult...I'm thinking I'll have to hit eBay when it comes out on DVD...

Anyways. Some fun music videos for you all.

Number One - Skye Sweetnam

Damn Good Times - They Might Be Giants

Michael - Franz Ferdinand

Sing Along - Blue Man Group

(Oh and for anyone who wants Hallam Foe, Dandelion Blow? Here it is...For download, anyway.)
Hallam Foe, Dandelion Blow - Franz Ferdinand