Saturday, July 14, 2007


So we went to see DCI Top 8 up in Tennessee last night. The shows were amazing, as expected...But the Cadets got ripped off. Here are the scores from last night.

How the placings should have been.

8. Dark Knights - Okay, they were one of my favorite shows of the night, but their performance simply wasn't as good as the others. So even though I think their show was entertaining, they definately have work to do in the technical aspects.

7. Carolina Crown - These guys have a great hornline. Period. But to be honest, their percussion stinks. That's really something they need to work on, 'cause if they had better percussion, they'd probably be top 3.

6. Santa Clara Vanguard - Andrew and I hadn't considered this placing (because they had previously been placing better than the Bluecoats), but after they announced it, we couldn't say we completely disagreed. Although there is a definate reason why their scores are so close. The two were both great.

5. Bluecoats - Okay, another I'm agreeing with. The Bluecoats had a fantastic show. Their theme ("Criminal") was very creative, and all parts of their show fit very well. The colour guard actually came out in orange jumpsuits and handcuffs, and he Bluecoats uniforms are naturally very cop-ish, so it was cool.

4. Blue Devils - That's right. They did not deserve to be first. I could settle for them being third, maybe, but not first. Everyone around us booed when they announced BD first (Okay...Maybe just me). Their show was neither memorable, nor classic Blue Devils. It was all kind of a strange blur.

3. Phantom Regiment - As much as I adore Phantom, I have to say they deserved third. I loved their music (as usual), and I think it was all tied together fairly nicely. These guys have a bit of cleaning to do, not to mention Andrew and I both said we didn't think the show in general was "first place material."

2. The Cavaliers - I admit. I was pretty sure I wasn't going to like their show, but I was proved wrong. So although this definately wasn't their best show, it definately wasn't their worst. The music was good for the most part, but some places didn't sound like music that belonged on a field. And I disliked their colour guard uniforms, even if they did match the show theme well.

1. The Cadets - That's right. We were pretty skeptical going in, especially since we had heard there would be narration, but it was phenomenal. We had all kind of expected something similar to the past two years show, but this was totally different. The drill was probably more difficult than the Cavvies drill, and the narration balanced - even completed - the music, as opposed to overpowered it. Plus the narration spoke to the band geek in all of us. It was more than a jock or a cheerleader could understand. We all had our jaws hanging open when it was through.

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John Leszczynski said...

Nice review; wish I could have seen that show.