Thursday, July 19, 2007

Geeks, Nerds, and Freaks...Oh my!

I'm sick and tired of people confusing them. So read this and feel enlightened.

Dork: Anyone who is socially inept. Anyone who is unsure how to carry themselves in public. Dork are most often shy and/or wallflowers.

Nerd: Anyone who is passionate about learning/academics. Anyone who is constantly seeking to further their education, even outside of school. Grammar Nazis and history buffs can both be considered nerds. Nerds are often dorks, but not always.

Geek: Anyone who is extrememly passionate about anything other than learning/academics. Again, geeks are usually dorks, but there are exceptions. Geek obsessions can range from band, to Star Trek, to anime. Yes, anime, even if they do refer to themselves as "freaks."

Freak: Anyone who is seen as strange and/or unusual. Anyone who fits outside of the norm. Punks, goths, and emos are often categorized as "freaks," along with nerds and geeks.

Now that we have that out of our systems...Random time!

The Official Ramen Homepage
A whole website dedicated to ramen. That. Is. Amazing.

Elevator Music

Hahahaha. I love it. That's my kind of productivity.

VaDrum Meets William Tell

This guy is amazing. The two bass drums? Crazy, crazy stuff.

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