Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yayy weekends!!!

Have any of you guys been to yet? It's a website that "scrobbles" (keeps track of) the songs you listen to and puts them on a little chart for you. It basically tells you exactly how obsessed with a certain band/song you are. It tracks songs from almost any music player (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.) and then tells you what artists you've listened to the most in the past week, and you overall top artists/songs. It then gives you a list of "neighbours", or people with similar tastes in music. It also has artist profiles and (some) song clips. It's pretty cool.

Anyywayyy...This whole week has been absolutely ridiculous for me. So...I've decided to make a list of songs to summarize it for you (because I know you'd rather have music than writing).

Forest for the Trees - Huey Lewis & the News

Fight - No Vacancy

Calling You - Aqua

Star Struck - Yellowcard

Points of Authority - Linkin Park

Stand - Veggie Tales. Yes. Veggie Tales.

I Love Rock 'N' Roll - Britney Spears (Yea, yea. I know.)

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