Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm so excited!

Yess! Some awesome albums are going to be released in April of '07, boys and girls!!! You want me to list a few? Fine. The two I'm most excited about are The Academy Is... and Skye Sweetnam, but a few others you may be interested in are: Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lopez, Chevelle, Fountains of Wayne, Paul Wall, Mario and Brandi Carlile.

The Academy Is...'s album Santi sounds promising, just listening to their single (See below).
Hilary Duff's "With Love" is worth checking out. I'm personally not a big fan of her, though. But I do like it better than a lot of her other stuff (Again. See Below).
And Skye Sweetnam? Hrm. She doesn't seem to have a single yet...But I've got my fingers crossed. I'd hate it if her album got pushed back any further. There were rumors that it would be Boyhunter, and now they're saying it'll be Human. Oh well. I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

With Love - Hilary Duff
LAX to O'Hare - The Academy Is...

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