Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The skies are blue, oh so blue...

Maybe it's just me, but everyone seems...depressed. It seems like the whole area has this cloud of depression hanging over it (both literally and figuratively). As much as I love winter, this is just. Not. Cool. The whole town seems to have gotten more melancholy. Including me.

But I've come to a conclusion. Depression must be 100% contangious. Seriously. Look up at the sky. Gray. Cold. (Was) Rainy. See? The town got so bad the sky became depressed, too. Now that makes me feel even more horrible (okay...not really. But it doesn't help, either). So I've figured that if I can post enough random junk that makes people happy, then that'll spread too. Oh please let it spread.

...I swear I didn't do this.

Scot-land - Franz Ferdinand
놀자 - Jadu (Yes. I do indeed realize that is Korean writing. Get over it.)
The Hamster Dance - Hampton and the Hampsters
We're Going to Be Friends - the White Stripes (Some of you may know this as the opening theme from Napolean Dynamite.)
Split Personality - Skye Sweetnam

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you know that song by Franz, Scot-Land? If you could PLEASE find a way to send it to me... please email me at draggles[AT]gmail[DOT]com .

I would be very appreciative because I can't find this anywhere.