Sunday, January 14, 2007

Guitar Hero 2

So...I've decided to use today's post as an opportunity for a game review. The game? Guitar Hero 2 (For Playstation 2), of course.

Guitar Hero 2 has gotta be one of the best sequel games (for any console) out there. It's been tweaked majorly in some areas, and that is fine with me. For example, each player in multiplayer mode and select his/her own difficulty (So now I can thrash all my friends who are still stuck on easy while I'm playing on expert...). It also divides up the parts into bass/rhythm and lead guitar. This is 100x better than the original where you had to split up the part, so while one was playing, the other was out getting a drink (...Or something like that. Either way, there was plenty of time for boredom). You can both play simultaneously in either Vs. or Co-op mode.

The characters in GH2 have gotten a makeover, as well. The most noticable difference is in Pandora (who in the first had the long blue hair, dressed in all black, and scared the s*** out of more than a few people...), in GH2, she has gotten a new haircut (but she still has the blue hair), and has lost the all black outfit. In fact, her new outfit is a cream colored jacket/pants set. She looks quite...Glam/diva-ish?
All of the characters have changed at least a bit, though. And in fact, you can change them even more. If you go to the shop, you can buy alternate outfits for the characters (Think skins for your guitar). And I actually turned Judy Nail into a fairly normal nice looking girl (with some damn awesome shoes) into a girl who reminded me a good deal of the movie "School of Rock". Go figure.

The new venues look amazing (as expected). But I almost want to say I liked the venues better in the original GH. The only one that I though absolutely beat it's counterpart in the original was the first venue, Battle of the Bands. Maybe it's just that the rowdiness of the crowd and the dim lights of the gym seem all to familiar to me...But whatever, right?

So, overall, GH2 pretty much kicks GH's ass. Both good games (and I think I might like the song choices in GH a little bit better. But just a little bit. Not a whole lot.) completely blew me away, and I know I still be rawkin' on my little flippy GH guitar for a while. Good job, guys. Keep 'em coming.

Strutter - KISS

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