Friday, August 17, 2007

NPR plays music?!

NPR plays music! No wai! Yep, you heard me right. I've been listening to it via the internet (, and have heard a number of bands I would not have otherwise discovered. Here are some favorites:

Download you must have: In Your Mind
I say: These guys call themselves a folk rock band. Although I think the sound is more folk than what we're used to in the age of the emos, it's definately got all of the soul of rock. I want to say it's...Nostalgic, almost?

Rebuilding the Rights of Statues
Download you must have: Hang the Police
I say: These guys are geniuses. They figured out how to have anti-establishment lyrics in a country like China. That says something, right there. Their sound is...Hard to describe. I want to say angsty, but that's not entirely accurate. The guys (and girl) make good music, either way.

One Ring Zero
Download you must have: International Astronomical Union
I say: These guys have a great sound. It's unique, catchy, and well executed. Cheers to them! (One of the band mates actually made an album full of songs specifically for Ice Cream Trucks. Makes me think of the old creep from Family Guy.)

And in other news, The Man Cave is the most ingenious marketing technique since...Well...A long time. I love Alice...She's adorably vicious.

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