Sunday, August 26, 2007


Blackle. Heh. That's so much fun to say...
Anyways, it's supposedly a more environmentally friendly version of Google. The idea is that white text on a black backound uses less energy than black text on a white backround. The search engine is actually google, and all the search results are (supposedly) exactly the same. And you know what? That means this blog is more environmentally friendly than all of our white backround-ed counterparts. Can I get a "boo-yah"?
No? Oh, okay.

EDIT: Don't like Blackle? Try It's an energy conserver and a deadly secret weapon! Hi-ya!

Wireless Thugz
So last time, I added a side note about Alltel sponsoring the "official man cave" website. Now, may I present to you...The Wireless Thugz! This is spawning into one of the greatest marketing ploys since the first arrival of the Geico cavemen. Which really wasn't that long ago....
Anyways, watch the music video, for it is officially the greatest thing my eyes have ever laid eyes on.


Sanjay "John" Gandhi said...

You might want to note that blackle is just the homepage of, which has offered web search in different colors since a much longer time. In general, all dark backgrounds on light text are energy saving-less illumination of the CRT-less pixel activation.


energy saver said...

Another environmentally friendly search engine is the Carbon Neutral Search Engine it uses Google Custom Search but offsets a minimum of 100g of CO2 per search

Artstudio Sri Lanka said...

There are around 22 different versions of “black google” online. The best one I’ve found is Cleanblack is the only version that allows you to change the text colors of the google search results. Try it yourself by going to

Anonymous said...

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