Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Elementary, Dear Watson, Elementary!

So you call yourself a lover of all things child-friendly? And you're not Michael Jackson? Then I dare you to handle all of this! All of this! If you can deal with the randomness, the insanity, and the bad grammar, then I shall declare you sir(/madam) mightier than I!

I Has a Bucket
He has a bucket. How rocking mighty is that?
Oh noes! Someone stole his bucket! Form a mob!

Feed the Head
Can you beat it? Can joo make it breathe fire? Can you feed the fish? Can you viciously attack the little pink snake? I did. And it's a miracle I lived, too.

Pika. Pikapika chuu. Chu, pikachu. Chuuuuuu pikapika chu. Chu, pikaaaa!


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