Saturday, August 18, 2007

I gotzors a new MMORPG.

Wooh! Scon has gotten me Guild Wars! Now I have another game to be addicted to. Only scon will be able to pester and pester me about it. In more ways than one. Sounds like complete and utter fun. If you play Guild Wars, IGN is "Fullmetal Panda". Not that anyone would care.

On a lighter note, my birthday is in 4 days. Not that anyone would care. Again.

NEWay, the random blog post must come with a random youtube video(s). Next post I'll try to actually post something that people will care about.

Korean version of out beloved numa numa song.


Forty_Feet_Under said...

Korean Numa Numa ftw.

Scon said...

0_o I kinda liked a weird way.

Jason said...

lmaoooo so funny

Free Online RPGs said...