Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Obscure Bands of the Week

I've been music hunting again. I found some more indie gems worth checking out. So...Enjoy!

Band: Fake Problems
Best Song: Real Problems in SRQ
Why: I love the vocals in this song. The first 35 seconds or so were distinctive, and I like that.
Worst Song: Degree'd or Denounced
Why: His voice just doesn't fit the song, in my opinion.

Band: Stars Below
Best Song: Atrophy
Why: The overall sound is amazing. I honestly don't have any problems with this song. At all. It's a miracle.
Worst Song: Take Me Home
Why: The sound (especially the chorus) overall is just kind of cliche.

Band: A Brief Smile
Best Song: This Machine
Why: The chorus,although repetitive, is addicting.
Worst Song: Count Me Out
Why: The slower sound just doesn't work for them.

Band: A Block of Yellow
Best Song: Helping Juliana
Why: It's got an oldies feel to it, which I love. The chorus made me want to dance like a little girl. Which although that should never happen, I liked anyways.
Worst Song: Do they have one? No. All their songs made me giggle uncontrollably.


Anonymous said...

i'm loving this!!

i assume this is a weekly post?

bring it.

Anonymous said...

ABOY forever!

Glad you became a blockhead too.

a brief smile said...

we will try to stay away from the slower stuff. glad you liked this machine...thanks for the post.

- a brief smile