Thursday, June 21, 2007

Random Videos

Popeye Vs Anime

"Popeye, I'm serious. Get. Help." I honestly don't know what to say about this...It's...Strange.

Spongebob in China

Ahahahaha. That's horrible. I love Patricks anti-communism. Stupid thought police.


So the video quality is horrible...But it's still hilarious. It's genious. If the teacher didn't know my name, I'd try it...But it's hard to not have your name when yours is most frequently called on. Hrmph.

Pirates Main Theme

So really the song itself isn't all that impressive. But the guy has mastered the art of percussive sounds on the guitar. Which I must say, I have not...Because I play an electric guitar. But anyways, he recorded all guitar parts himself, even though you only see lead. He's gotta be awesome. I mean...Look at his shirt.

Zippo "Twilight Zone" Lighter Trick


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