Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hay, Guys!

Guess what! Music!
Please excuse the long delay for this post, I've been caught up in end-of-the-semester junk.

Name: Scott McCulloch
...And? This guy is his own one man band. It's amazing how complex his music actually is.
Check Out: Believe Me

Name: The Blackline
...And? A peppy and uniquely indie sound for a band with such satirical and almost angsty lyrics.
Check Out: Talk Talk Talk

One Semester of Spanish - Love Song

No remembro how to say "awesome."

Zelda After the Games

Some guys I know did this, and quite frankly, it's pure genius. "Shuddup. Just...Just shuddup."

Reel Time

Is the piece my friend and I performed, and people seem to find it enjoyable...So enjoy!

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alygator said...

The One Semester of Spanish Love Song is "no remembro how to say eleven" lol.