Sunday, October 21, 2007

Save TV-Links!

I'm sure some of you are familiar with the popular site Well apparently, the owner of the site was arrested because TV-Links links to sites that host copyrighted content. Links not hosts. Apparently, the sites that do host the material [such as Google] have become so rich and powerful, that they are now above the law.
If linking to another site that hosts illegal content [and therefore, linking to a site that links to illegal content] is illegal, than essentially, the entire internet is illegal!

I'm asking you, please sign the petition to get TV-Links back up and running so I can go back to watching The Big Bang Theory and Cow and Chicken!


elton#1 said...

Please check out this site I have made:

The idea behind the site is to create a publicly accessible resource of accurate information on the tv-links case and create a discussion forum around it. It also exists to offer what ever support is possible to give to the innocent.

Anyone who can contribute or has any ideas that would make this site more functional please get in touch; the aim is too get as much information in one place as possible.


Anonymous said...


If you didnt know already there have been multiple FAKE versions of the tv links site popping up.

They have actually annouced that there new website is TV Links DB