Sunday, October 7, 2007

One World Virtual

Hey, all you gamers! Just a note to all the Flight Simulator X players out there, check out One World Virtual. It's a site a friend of mine enlisted me to help with that's dedicated to FSX. It's got downloads, session information, and a discussion forum. So...Run, join, and be merry. Or something.

Hurray [I'm Bringing Scrabble Back] - Kalan Porter


Anonymous said...

Bringing scrabble back, that's hilarious! Great voice! Awesome song!!!!!!!!!!!! Does this Kalan Porter have an album? Is he from USA? Maybe he collaborated with Justin Timberlake who is bringing sexy back. Ha, ha, ha!!!Pure enjoyment! Nice!!!!!

Anymore of him??????????????? How about live shows???????????

Forty_Feet_Under said...

Kalan Porter is a Canadian Idol winner who is currently touring Canada, with singer Skye Sweetnam as his opening act. The album that has this song is called "Wake Up Living."