Monday, October 8, 2007

10 Most Amazing Guys

Psyche! I'm just messing with you. You didn't really think I was going to go into all of that, did you? Nah, I'm not that obscenely girly, although I will tell you about the Male Beauty thread on Gaia. [Heheh. Alex Kapranos was my suggestion. Tarkan is gorgeous, even though that picture of him isn't. Gackt is the prettiest old-man pretty boy I've ever seen.]

Actually, this is another indie band post, so feast your ears with these gems.

Band: Tacks, The Boy Disaster
Best Song: Frozen Feet
Final Say: Pleasantly repetitive. Tacks, The Boy Disaster manages to deliver everything in just the right moment, with out making you feel drugged-up and overdosed. [Fans of Kasabian, Phonograph, and One Ring Zero might enjoy this.]

Band: I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
Best Song: According to Plan
Final Say: According to Plan is a more slow-paced song, complete with long, ringing melodies. The bass line is well timed, and the chorus is sure to get stuck in your head. [Fans of Franz Ferdinand, Minus the Bear, and Electrical Sunset might enjoy this.]

Band: Doug Walker
Best Song: Stranger Than Fiction
Final Say: With gorgeously distinctive vocals, and a hypnotizing use of instrumentals, Doug Walker sufficiently proves that he knows what he's doing when he comes to music. [Fans of American Vaudeville Theatre, Muse, and Crowded House might enjoy this.]

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