Saturday, March 3, 2007


Whooo! We're the state champs! (Boys, class 3A).
The game was intense. Everyone was on the edge of their seat the whole time (actually...we were standing the majority of the time...). Especially 3rd/4th quarter. A few people have told us that it was supposedly the pep band that brought the team out of their momentary slump ( that why they call it a pep band?)...But I'll let you decide whether or not that's true...

Here's what says about it.

Madison Academy boys 72, Lauderdale County 69
BIRMINGHAM - Madison Academy overcame a 16-point deficit in the third quarter to defeat Lauderdale County 72-69 today and win a second consecutive Class 3A boys state championship at the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center.

The Mustangs outscored Lauderdale County 20-9 in the fourth quarter. Madison Academy's Kerron Johnson was named tournament MVP.

It was actually pretty funny...On the way back, we stopped for lunch, and seeing a few maroon and white shirts walking in we thought Oh, the MA kids must be stopping here, too. Ha. Wrong. It was all Lauderdale County kids. And once they realized we were the band from MA? Well...Let's just say we didn't get any congrats from any of them. In fact...We were stared down by a few. But it was fun, either way.

Invincible - O.K. Go

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