Saturday, April 14, 2007

Random stuffs.

Leek Spin
One word: Addicting. It's absolutely hynotizing...Plus it's got Inoue from Bleach ((^_____^)). Roffle. I've been spinning for almost 2 hours now. Whooo.

You are mighty!
And this is your task

Hehe. Nice, right? Well anyways, you can find out how to make your own one of those at

Ghost in a Ditch - Franz Ferdinand

'Kay, so I'm sure most of you have seen this already....But I thought I'd put it up anyways. It's kind of nice to hear Nick sing, although I will say I prefer Alex's voice.

Mm, and for mah buddies out there, the SED videos are uploading as we speak. Just check out mah youtube (send me and e-mail/IM if you need it), 'kay?


Harry Hataway said...
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Harry Hataway said...

Hell yeah! Wii rocks!! A few months ago i was dying for a Playstation 3 but now i wan't a Wii ASAP!

Thanks for visiting my blog! :D

Ps : I got curious about Anne and Peter! =P , when are you going to put it on YouTube?

Harry Hataway said...

Ok! Let me know when it's done ;)