Monday, February 12, 2007

I guess this is kind of anime-related...

Well...I suppose it's time for another anime post, isn't it?
I just have some videos that you may or may not have seen. Enjoy them in all of their random/stupid/freakish glory.

"I Wanna Be the Very Best..." - the Spoof Troupe

"Fullmetal Panda" - the Spoof Troupe

"Kill Naruto" - the Spoof Troupe

"Heart of the Cards" - the Spoof Troupe

"The Secret Life of Itachi" - the Spoof Troupe

"Village of DDR" - JAC productions

"If You Were Gay" - Eilinora

"Yami- Magical Pinata" - LittleKuriboh (Just in case you don't know, this is from the Viva Pinata commercial. It's the same voice actor that actually plays Yugi."

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