Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Most Hilarious Pictur Evar

I myself believe that this photo is a miracle of modern technology, and the sheer, amazing, weirdness of certain people. So what are we seeing here? If all goes well with Picasa' BlogThis! feature, hopefully we see the truely odd picture of two guys. I find hilarious the sheer expression of him (or her) on the right, plus if you trace the line of sight of him on the left, you see that he is staring at a ring, which, alas, is not on either of their hands. Nevertheless, I have decided that, by a spark of inspiration, this picture shows the great bond between the odd couple, and have aptly decided to caption the picture, simply, We're Engaged!
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Forty_Feet_Under said...

I think he looks like that weird kid in every class that likes to sniff his fingers.
But maybe that's just me.

zє๓ค๔-ﻮคlz said...

I think they are at a relative's wedding and that dude on the left is looking at the bride's ring. and the one on the right was high on his favourite food.

or something like that.