Friday, September 7, 2007

Water, Water, Everywhere...

But not a drop to drink. This, my friends, is a themed music post. The theme, you ask? Water. Why? Because I can. [Remember: If you want the mp3, simply right-click song title, and select "Save Target As."]

Band: Jaws
Song: Let it Ride SSL Mix Demo
What I say: Song name's a mouthful, eh? Ha, anyways...Jaws is a band I found completely by accident. What a happy accident, I must say.

Band: Oceans Firing
Song: Prizefighting
What I say: Yet another band I found by complete accident, these guys are really quite good. I had Prizefighting as my myspace song for a while, and figured I'd pass it on to you fellows.

Band: Let's Go Sailing
Song: Sideways
What I say: This song is mellow and nice; considerably calmer than what I normally listen to. It's a nice change of pace, and is definitely something to give a listen to.

And in other news, the Random Click Analysis is fantastic. My best score is 84. This pointless little time waster uses a computer's superior ability to decpher patterns. The less patternized the clicks, the higher the score. I'm either really random, or highly scientific. Both, perhaps?

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