Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spring Break!

Yes, Spring Break is upon us, my friends. Easter bunnies are starting to fill up shelves at the store, bathing suits are on the racks, and MTV doesn't have a single sober program lined up 'till...Well...Actually...They never have sober programming...But still.

Potter Puppet Pals
For those of you who haven't already caught on to the PPP craze, these quirky little videos are hilarious. You'll wanna start with "Bothering Snape", then move on to "Trouble at Hogwarts". Lastly, you can watch the one one the main page ("Wizard Angst"). That way, it should all make sense.
And believe me. These videos are great. I loved them, and I'm not even a Potter fan.

So You've Decided to Be Evil
This website is pure genius. It's funny and fairly accurate at the same time. 'Tis amazing. Be sure to check out the careers section. I'm sure you'll find that especially entertaining.

Hidden Street
So, if any of you decided to download Maplestory (see last post), this is the website to go for for tips and such. They've also got info on MapleSea, if any of you are interested in that.

Love Will Turn You Around - The Octagon
On The Avenue - Blackface Tweed
Dead On Arrival - Fall Out Boy
This Boy - Franz Ferdinand

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